Renier Balt is a Forensic Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist.


He has been involved with accident investigation since 1993 and with accident reconstruction, compilation of reports and an expert witness in court since 1997.


In the past 22 years he had attended more than 2500 accident scenes.  He testified in more than 400 cases in both civil and criminal court proceedings in the Magistrates, Regional and High courts as an accident reconstruction expert.  He also has extensive experience in the compilation of photographic evidence as well as scale mapping of accident scenes.  He presented training on basic accident investigation to various law enforcement departments.  He has conducted numerous tests and experiments on lamp examination, photography, coefficient of friction/ drag factors, controlled skid tests and speed calculations. 


In November 2006 Mr. Balt was awarded a contract by the Department of Transports’ Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) to conduct in-depth investigations with regards to serious and high-profile accidents. His current day-to-day functions entail the investigation, reconstruction, photography and plan drawing of all types of motor vehicle accidents.


As an expert on accident investigation and accident reconstruction, he has attained his relevant ancillary qualifications from the following internationally recognised institutions:


  • Northwestern University, Illinois, Chicago, USA

  • Texas A & M University, (TEEX)

  • IPTM, University of North Florida, USA

  • CSIR, Transportek, Pretoria, 1997


He participated in the following forums and conferences:

  • The International Road Traffic Safety Management Conference - Cape Town, 24 - 28 August 2009

  • Second Annual Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Conference, October 2008, Cape Town. He presented a paper titled: A comparative study on speed calculations from co-linear momentum analysis versus actual speed recordings. This also formed part of a live staged crash

  • Mine Metallurgical Managers’ Association (MMMA) Safety Summit and presented a paper titled: Motor vehicle accidents involving hazardous materials in August 2008

  • First Annual Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Conference – October 2007 in Johannesburg

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