We conduct detailed investigations and supply our clients with comprehensive reconstruction reports containing facts, expert opinions, conclusions and recommendations.  These outcomes are based on scientific principles; physical evidence obtained from the accident scene as well as from inspection of damaged vehicles, photographs, plans and statements.


  • Our services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Consultations on merits


  • On scene investigations

         -  Recording of physical evidence

         -  Determining an area of impact

         -  Coefficient of friction and drag factors

         -  Scene mapping and measuring

         -  Scene photography


  • Interviews with drivers, witnesses etc.


  • Damage analysis

         -  Determining the principal direction of force

         -  Recording contact and induced damage

         -  Mechanical inspection

         -  Lamp examination and analysis

         -  Tyre examination


  • Speed calculations

         -  Angular and collinear momentum      

         -  Vaults, flips and falls

         -  Rollovers

         -  Yaws

         -  Kinetic energy / Skid to stop


  • Expert witness and testimony in Court

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